Helms Workshop

Visual Design
I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Helm’s Workshop in Austin, Texas. In my role as Production Designer I prepared materials for a wide range of clients and projects — creating mechanicals for merch, posters, murals, billboards, and packaging. I did a lot of color management, asset organization, preflighting, and generally making sure everything sparkled (and worked).
Kerbey lane cafe

Animated Cards

Helms had recently completed a new brand identity for Kerbey Lane Cafe, an Austin diner and institution. I animated pre-existing assets for social media and web. 

Lake Hour / abw / de nada


Below are a few samples of merchandise I prepared for print. I handled color management, design edits & feedback, vendor communication, and product sourcing. 

Circuit of the Americas

Peppermint Parkway 
Ad Campaign

I prepared final materials for several media campaigns. Peppermint Parkway was the most jolly among them. Below is a sample of the many ads intended for web, print, OOH, and video. 
Austin Beer Works

Private Edition Can

Helms Workshop has a strong working relationship with Austin Beer Works. ABW had requested a special one-off design for an event celebrating the Palmas tile created by Clay Imports and AYSE Design. This particular design had a lot of detail we wanted to emphasize with UV gloss and a selective varnish. 


Brand Guidelines

Roxie’s Hill Country Kitchen brand identity was carried out by the Helms design team. I finalized and packaged all brand assets, along with the brand guidelines.